Intelligence and Happiness


There have been topics about the connection between intelligence and happiness. People’s opinions are divided. We have summarized some good points that will shed light on this topic.

Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know.”
Ernest Hemingway, The Garden of Eden

Rational and Irrational Expectations

There is no right or wrong answer about the connection between intelligence and happiness of an individual. It boils down to rational and irrational expectations we have for ourselves. Intelligent people can be irrational and rational with their expectations. It’s a matter of their competitiveness and their eagerness to push themselves beyond their limits. It doesn’t mean they don’t understand their limits nor the impossibility of the issue, it’s more of their attitude. They often have ungodly work ethics, they just work too much and find it hard to have a life outside of their profession. You don’t see them renting a bike in Amsterdam per boot or watching random movies.

Discovery of Truth May Make One Sad or Happy

Everything seems to have a different face. It’s like a flipping coin. Intelligent people seek the truth about life, science, and unproven theories. The knowledge they might discover could make them happy or sad. It’s not always Amsterdam holiday on cheap hotels in Amsterdam square. However, if we seek the truth, we can solve problems surrounding our society today. The thing is truth may not be exciting all the time. Sometimes, it’s a big, hard pill to swallow. Intelligent people are good at their perception with what’s happening around them, and sometimes, the realization of what’s going on around us is not beautiful.

Success and Achievement

According to a recent study, millennials have more benefits having a high IQ in a time such as this because there are more opportunities made available for them thanks to technological advancement. They have the capability to take on opportunities to enjoy the best of both worlds, having more time and more money to spend on edarling dating sites. They don’t have to be on television or newspaper to be known. Now, they can share their wits and observation through social media.