What is IQ-test.co.za?

Our website is an open resource of IQ tests to help individuals identify their weaknesses and strengths.

Is this free?

Yes. Improvement starts with awareness. We want to send this message to all South Africans, for that reason, we offer free tests. There are also paid ones designed specifically for hiring managers of private organizations.

How long does a test usually take?

A test could take 20 minutes up to 30 minutes depending on the type.

Are the results private?

Yes. We don’t share the results of your test to anyone. All of our voluntary tests, the results are sent via email or thru an app for further review of the participant. However, for corporate tests, the results would be shared with the organization you applied for.

Am I required to create an account to take the test?

Prior to taking the test, you’ll have to register your email address, so we can send you the results. We don’t require our participants to create an account or a premium link generator account.

How do you fund this site if the tests are free?

We do have paid tests specifically designed for corporate and private organizations. A part of our earnings goes to the maintenance of this site.